about us

AURGANICS is an Auroville based business with a passion for quality sustainable and fair trade organic agriculture.

Twelve years ago we began to work with tea plantations in Darjeeling and Assam to help develop their organic farming practices. From this time spent on the plantations grew an enduring love for tea. What started as personal passion soon turned into a small business with the aim of providing our community with good quality great tasting organic teas.

Over time our wish to support local organic farming and our concern for the environment in and around Auroville led us to expand our business to include cashew processing. This enabled us to support local farmers by guaranteeing them a market and a premium price for organically grown cashews while providing our community with healthy, locally grown produce.

Aurganics has grown globally, to include the wholesale and export of  organic produce sourced internationally. We continue to source, blend, produce and offer consumers a healthy great tasting organic, alternative.